SF Bay Area Hiring AHA ACLS & PALS Instructors

Listed below  are the basic steps to teach ACLS & PALS with Safety Training Seminars. If you need any assistance with the paperwork, we are here to help.

EMT Courses

About Us
Safety Training Seminars is the leading ACLS and PALS training company in the San Francisco Bay Area. The local offices are fully equipped to provide American Heart Association ACLS and PALS training courses in the following cities: 

  • San Francisco
  • Concord
  • Dublin
  • Redwood City
  • Berkeley
  • San Jose
  • Sacramento


  • Candidate is currently a Lead ACLS PALS instructor and has taught at least 20 classes during the past year.
  • Candidate must be currently in the medical field as a paramedic or above
  • Candidate must be able to teach at least 4 classes per month and be willing to travel

Phone interview with owner Charles Seidel
Phone interview with ACLS PALS Director, Kaaren Newman

Course Monitoring
Teach a Renewal Class and be monitored by Kaaren Newman. In the past, we did not pay for monitoring. but now we pay candidates $25 an hour for the monitoring session. If you need more monitoring, the candidate will not be reimbursed.

Pay Scale for Experienced Instructors – About $45 an hour.
This pay scale is for experienced lead instructors. If you are a newer, less experienced instructor, the pay would be less:

Instructors are listed as independent contractors. We do not pay for travel, but you are paid for parking or tolls.

Questions (We prefer only calls, texts or emails M-F 9-4. Unless it is an emergency.)

Adriana Mendez

ACLS PALS Questions
Kaaren Newman

Submitting Paperwork/New Hire
Tara Valle




  1. Phone interviews with Kaaren and Charles
  2. Paperwork submission to Tara
  3. ACLS and PALS monitoring. Please note, all course monitoring is done in our San Francisco office.
  4. You are ready to teach after paperwork is completed and a successful course monitoring.

Job Duties as an ACLS PALS Instructor

  • Must arrive 20-30 minutes before the start of class
  • Be friendly, nice, happy. If they like you as the instructor, they will love the class!
  • Make coffee for students, turn on lights, and check equipment
  • Check in students on computer either as arrived or missed the class.
  • Collect payment if they did not pay online
  • Confirm they brought the text book – if not they must pay $50 for the book.
  • Use typewriter or computer to write up cards (temporary – we will be switching to ecards soon).
  • Fill out AHA Roster and collect evaluations, put in envelope and drop in safe
  • When leaving classroom, empty coffee, vacuum if needed, and turn off lights and heat/air. Leave the classroom neatly for the next instructor.
  • Lock door upon exit

Paperwork to download

Instructor Candidate

Instructor Transfer Record Form

Additional Paperwork – Submit paperwork to Tara via email: tara@safetytrainingseminars.com

  • ACLS, PALS cards – both sides
  • Resume
  • Letter or Recommendation
  • ACLS and PALS Course Director course (takes about an hour)
  • AHA Alignment on AHA Instructor Network
  • Copy of ACLS and PALS Essentials
  • Photo ID
  • Professional License
  • AHA Candidate Form