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Pediatric EMSA CPR and First-aid classes

Warning – Fraud Alert for Bay Area Child Care Providers

STS is a provider of the 8 hour American Heart Association Pediatric First-aid and CPR class that is required for childcare providers in California. This page will answer some questions regarding EMSA certification or you can call or email us for more information.

When is the Pediatric First-aid and CPR course offered in the Bay Area?
We teach this course in about twice a week in the SF Bay Area. View upcoming EMSA Courses here

When is the 8 Hour EMSA Preventive Health, Safety, & Nutrition course offered?
This course is offered in San Francisco once a month. Since this course does not have an expiration date, there is not a huge demand. View upcoming EMSA Classes.

Can I take this course online?
No. Per California state law, online CPR classes are not valid for childcare providers.

I saw a CPR company in the Bay Area that offers the Pediatric CPR and First-aid class for less than 8 hours. Can I take that class?
Yes, you could take that class, but the certification you receive would not be valid when Community Care Licensing does an inspection of your child care center. State law requires this course to be 8 hours long. If you find a CPR and First-aid company that teaches this course in less than 8 hours, you should report them to the EMSA authority, by calling 916-322-4336.

Do I need a sticker on my card if I take an American Heart Association Pediatric First-aid CPR Class?
No. State law states that the American Heart Association Pediatric First-aid CPR class is exempt and does not need a sticker. It is illegal for the  EMSA sticker to be placed on the American Heart Association card.

How can I be sure that the company where I take the class is legitimate?
This is a very good question. EMSA has released an EMSA fraud warning that there are a few companies that offer this course who are not certified to teach. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure you are not scammed.

1. View the EMSA’s website of approved training programs. Our name is Safety Training Seminars and our license number is 0204-DC
Approved EMSA Programs in Pleasanton/Hayward area

2. You can call EMSA to confirm that a company is approved to provide the Pediatric CPR and First-aid Class. Their number is 916-322-4336.

3. View their license. Our license is below.

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EMSA Pediatric CPR and First-aid in Bay Area