Cancellation Policy for Safety Training Seminars

We have a very relaxed cancellation policy. I know most people are used to very strict cancellation policies in the Bay Area from other CPR companies such as:

1. No Refunds

2. Must give 7 days notice or forfeit all fees

3. If you give less than 7 days notice when canceling, you can pay $40 to reschedule.

However at Safety Training Seminars you only pay for the class if you arrive. We understand that people cannot make it to a class due to many reasons. The reason why you cannot attend does not matter, but it important that you are not charged for a service that you never received.

How to Cancel Your Class

When you register for a class, you will receive a confirmation email. Sometimes it gets sent to a junk mail folder. Just click Cancel to remove your name from the class and then you can register for another class. Or you can email us back with your name, date of class, and which city, and we will remove you from the class. You can cancel your class at anytime for any reason, but we appreciate it when you can let us know you cannot attend so someone else can take your place.

ACLS and PALS Classes
There are no refunds after you pay for the ACLS and PALS classes. These classes are very advanced and we have to bring in medical professionals to teach these classes. However, you can reschedule your ACLS or PALS class for no charge.

Thanks, Charles

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