CPR Renewal and BLS Recertification Classes

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The term CPR renewal is also referred to as recertification. These terms previously would be used for someone who has taken a CPR class in the past and then would need a shorter course. In the past, the initial certification course would be about 8 hours and the renewal BLS class would be about 6 hours. However, there have been many new changes over the past few years.

Heartsaver CPR and First-aid Classes
There is not a renewal training for this course. It does not matter if you are taking this class for the first time or if you have had the class before. The length is about 5 hours.

Pediatric CPR and First-aid class
California State Law and the EMSA Authority states that is course must be 8 hours long. It would not matter if you are renewing your certification or if you are taking this training for the first time.

BLS also called Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider
The length of this course is 3-4 hours for renewal or initial students.