Customer Service at Safety Training Seminars

Great Customer Service in our CPR Renewal Classes

Customer Service is one of the most important aspects of our business. If our students are not satisfied with the training, they will not come back.  We work very hard to make the entire CPR class experience very pleasant, from the registration to the renewal.

The average length of time it takes to a register for a CPR class is 2 minutes. We understand people are busy so we have spent many hours to design a user friendly website. Students can also register for a class on our mobile website by using a smart phone.

Phone Support 24/7
Yes. We have live operators available 24 hours a day to answer most of your questions. They are prepared to answer many questions regarding the American Heart Association courses. If they cannot help you, they will take a message and we will call you back during normal business hours – usually within 30 minutes.  We are very good at calling people back. If you do not receive a call back, call us back again since there may have been a technical issue.

In our age of text messages, email, and websites, sometimes companies forget to take care of their clients. It can be frustrating to leave messages, and be put into endless voicemail mazes. At Safety Training Seminars, you can speak with a real, live, human person anytime. Also, we have 4 office staff that speak Spanish.

Our Classrooms

We offer free coffee, tea, green tea, soda, and granola bars in all of our classrooms. The classrooms are large with tables, comfortable seating, and are kept very clean. All of our locations offer lots of free parking (except Berkeley, but the Berkeley/Oakland location has a BART station located 2 blocks away).

If you ever have a complaint, problem, or are not pleased with the service, please call us and ask to speak with Charles – the owner. He can quickly help you so you will be satisfied. Or you can email him: Charles

Contact Information

Safety Training Seminars
598 Vermont Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone number for Individuals to Register for a Class: 415-926-2826
Phone number to organize a Group Class at your site: 415-218-1330
Fax: 415-840-0313