2016 UCSF Book Policy for BLS, ACLS, & PALS Classes

BLS, ACLS, & PALS eLearning Classes
If you are taking an eLearning (Heartcode) class, you do not need to bring a paper book to class. The eLearning classes provide an online book that can be viewed for up to two years after course completion to review your skills.

Old 2011 BLS Book
Here is the old 2011 BLS book.
This book is accepted in classes until April 15th.

aha bls book


New 2015/2016 BLS Book
This book must be brought to BLS
classroom courses starting April 16th.

New BLS Manual


Old 2011 ACLS Book

This book is acceptable in classes
until May 30, 2016

Old ACLS Book


New 2015/2016 ACLS Book

This new 2016 ACLS book
must be brought to class starting June 1, 2016



Current PALS Book

This is the current PALS book that must be brought to class. The new 2015/2016 PALS book will be available around August. I will keep you posted. Also, I recommend you do not buy this book, since the new one will be coming out in a few months.



Where can my staff get these books?
These books can be checked out for free at the Parnassus or Mission Bay Libraries. Some departments like to purchase this book and then hand it out to their staff. If you want to purchase these books, you can buy them below. Laerdal only stocks the most current book.

Purchase 2016 BLS books
Purchase 2016 ACLS books

What happens if a UCSF student arrives to class without the book? The student has two options: 
1. They can cancel their class and come back another day with the book.
2. They can purchase the book: $20 for the BLS book or $50 for the ACLS or PALS book. UCSF does not reimburse the student for the price of the book.

How do UCSF staff know about the books
* This information is on the website where they register (ucsf.cprcpr.com)
* The book policy is on their confirmation page after they register.
* The student is sent an email with this information.
* Each department should share this information with their staff.

New Certification Cards
The American Heart Association has redesigned their cards. Here are the new cards:

New BLS Card